Monthly Archives: June 2022

Step into the future…

… as seen in 1987 when Futuroscope opened. Originally a park emphasising “futuristic” technology and with an educational angle, Futuroscope is now a theme park where the majority of the rides are indoors in simulators. These use 3D screens, moving seats, sounds, smells, wind and more to create the sensation of being involved in the […]

Wednesday – La Rochelle

With temperatures rising, the fresher air on the coast at La Rochelle was very welcome. La Rochelle, the capital of Charente Maritime, is a picturesque town with old battlements around the harbour as well as a very popular modern marina and, of course, many superb shops, eating venues etc. The day started with a visit […]

Tuesday at Ecole du lac

We’ll keep this brief as a trip to La Rochelle is beckoning. Another great day with the team at Ecole du lac, who are always so friendly and welcoming. In keeping with our project “Small Steps for a Better World”, the day started with a litter picking walk around the village, or rather, villages. The […]

Monday – a day with a common theme

Monday morning saw the group introduced to the breakfast routine at the centre. A help-yourself arrangement with cereals, French bread, jam, honey, nut spread, fruit, yoghurts and drinking chocolate as well as juice and water. Suitably fueled up, we headed for the lake next to the centre, which was a good place to get some […]

The Journey

On previous visits to St. Cyr, the journey phase has been a story of cancellations, delays, struggling through the Metro with luggage and wrangling with French railway bureaucracy. Happily, this time there are no dramas to report. As were leaving the Gare du Nord it seemed that the coach driver was having a little difficulty […]

It’s nearly time to go!

Lots of packing is going on as everyone gets ready for the departure. Don’t forget that we need to be ready to go on Sunday morning at 7.45. The school gates will be open at 7.25, please be there for 7.30, as it takes time to load the coach, say goodbyes etc. Please be respectful […]