Monday Evening

Hello and welcome to ‘the story so far’.

Sunday was pretty uneventful (oh how we wish we could have said that on the last couple of year’s trips). Trains were on time, except the last leg slightly was delayed by speed restrictions, caused by the effects of high temperatures. But we were only 20 minutes late and a warm welcome was waiting for us from school and centre staff (and families) when we arrived at the accommodation.

After a snack the children were pretty promptly in bed and asleep.

Monday morning: A good breakfast was enjoyed, followed by walk down to the lake for about half an hour, then it was on to the school.

The French children saw us approaching and were waiting excitedly for us to arrive. Many happy reunions with the children who visited us in March, then on to croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, chausson etc.

Ms Hingley has a job for life doing ‘A sailor went to sea sea sea’ with ever smaller children!

Football and other games were played in break time and the children just mingled well. Then our children and the french searched the school for various features and named them in French & English.

Then it was back to the centre for lunch ‘sur la terrace’ in the open air, before a brisk walk to the local station at La Tricherie to catch the local train into Poitiers.

With the help of local teachers Barbara and Martine we were given a guided walk around this historic university city, including a stop outside the ‘Hotel de Ville’ for a group shot, then down to a lovely park, and back to the shops for some fabulous ice creams (ordered in French-ish) and to the Chocolat and Macaron, where certain commercial transactions took place.

Finally back to the station and return to the centre.

This evening we have had a meal of crudité followed by pasta with salmon or vegetable sauce and fruit salad!

Since dinner, the children have been writing their journals and will be relaxing around the centre before a fairly early night.

On Tuesday we are at the school all day for a variety of activities – no details yet.

We calculated that we’ve all walked about eight and half miles in total today, and in some fairly warm temperatures, without hearing any winges, so well done to the children. And the sun lotion has been ESSENTIAL and well used already.

That’s it for now, more (with hopefully some contributions from the children) tomorrow.


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