Tuesday’s Activities

We have a new logo!Here is the design, chosen by all the children in a democratic vote.

More on this later.

We like to have a quiet relaxing time here at St Cyr…

So today after breakfast we walked to school where we split into 4 groups to do a rotation of activities: working in teams to design a logo for our twinning, tasting local food, playing sports at the local ‘stade’ and making tarte au pomme at an amazing restored, wood burning bread oven in the village. Plus there was lunch to eat, a trip to the lake to meet some of the French families, dinner, our journals…

So to the activities.

The children worked in teams of 2 French and 2 English to design a logo that incorporated symbols of both our countries and villages. The designs were selected by vote and all the children voted for the top four. The chosen design which you can see above was designed by this team:

Well done girls!

The food tasting included local specialties, meat, cheeses, desserts, but most important of all les escargots!

Virtually all the children tried them, some more than one!

The wood burning oven was amazing. It’s over 200 years old and has recently been restored by a group of local people who are keen to preserve traditional country ways.

At the ‘four au pain’ we made apple tarts, which were then put into the oven at around 300 degrees to cook for about 15 minutes. Later, when they had cooled, we were able to enjoy our work. Miam, as they would say here.

This evening’s room inspection went very well, I will try to get some pictures of the next one!

As I write (9.30pm French time) many boys, including Mr Drury are watching the first half of the England – France game, but the children will need to go to bed promptly for an early start as we head for La Rochelle in the morning.

Here’s Ella’s thoughts on the visit so far:

This has been an amazing 3 days for me and I hope it is for everybody else. I can’t wait for the next 2 days! I have enjoyed spending time with my friends especially my roomies ERIN E and ERIN Q. I have even tried 2 snails which were kind of nice.

Hi this is Erin Q.

I have had the best time in France so far! I have loved meeting my penpals and sharing my bedroom with Ella and Erin E. I have even tried snails which were disgusting!

Hi it’s Erin E.

I can not believe how much fun I’ve had over the last few days and can’t wait to see what awaits me over the next days. I especially have enjoyed my room mates Ella and Erin Q. When we achieved 9 out of 10 in room inspections we were over the moon! I am particularly looking forward to Futuroscope and La Rochelle Aquarium.

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