I’d like to be, under the sea…

It was very hot (31 degrees) in St Cyr today, so a trip to the coast turned out to be a great plan.

The La Rochelle Aquarium was excellent, children and adults found it fascinating. Pictures below.

After our pic-nic lunch we tried out some French ordering ice-creams from an astonishing ice-cream shop. The most amazing array of flavours you have ever seen! (and you will see some of it in the pictures to follow).

We walked along the walls of the old port, then via a park back into town, where we found a café bar which was happy to allow the children to practice their French, in fact the server helped them. (see Twitter for some pics)

On the way back to the centre, we made a lightning visit to the local Auchan Hypermarket for some sweet things, some of which might make it back to you 🙂

Futuroscope tomorrow, which is always a good day. If it is as hot as today, the water attractions might be very popular.

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