Monday in St Cyr and Poitiers

The grim forecast for weather on Monday morning proved to be only too correct. Heavy rain overnight left some houses near the centre flooded, which was sad to see. Fortunately the centre was unaffected.

The day started, as all days should, with a good breakfast.




After breakfast we walked to L’Ecole du Lac, where we were reintroduced to pen pals and made new friends, particularly through the medium of action songs (Ms Hingley you would have been proud of the bungalow song!).

Presentations were made and petit dejuener 2 was enjoyed.

The children explored the school with their French partners, even the rain couldn’t curtail the activity.

It was then back to the centre for a leisurely, French style, 4 course lunch and a bit of relaxation before catching the coach to Poitiers.

Our long time contact in St Cyr / Poitiers, Barbara Richard guided us around, taking us first to a building that houses the local education inspectorate (sort of Ofsted), where our work was on display as part of a project about idioms in different languages.

Then it was onward to look round the town, including ice-cream buying and ‘The’ macaron shop, where some purchases were made.

Dinner beckons, so that’s all for now.



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