School Day… like no other!

Tuesday, the day we spend doing activities at Ecole du Lac is always packed. This year was no exception.

After walking to the school we split into 4 groups with French partners to take part in 4 ateliers (workshops):

1. The Four a pain (bread oven) making tarte aux pommes and the Forge museum in the village.

2. Various sports at the village recreation area.

3. Producing clay animations linked to our ‘Idioms’ project.

4. Food tasting including escargots.

In the middle of the day the children had school dinner and at the end of the afternoon we enjoyed the fruits of our labours, with our tartes.

In the evening we have been to the lake for rounders and general relaxation.

The pictures below are a tiny fraction of the story, but they’ll give you feel for the day.

Up a bit earlier tomorrow to go to La Rochelle. Expecting nice weather.

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