Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday was a perfect day for the visit to La Rochelle: Sunny in the afternoon, not too hot and bit of breeze.

First to the Aquarium, which is excellent, then to Ernest le glacier, about whose ice-cream it’s hard to find adjectives that do justice. All the children REALLY liked it! (as did the staff!)

From the the ice-cream stop, we walked around some of the battlements of the fortified harbour in La Rochelle (which really is a lovely place to visit – and no, we’re not being paid by the tourist board to say that).

A stroll through the old part of the town and then back on the coach to the Auchan Hypermarket near to Futuroscope.

The children proved themselves very able to do shopping (so don’t let them tell you otherwise) although it has be said that fresh fish, charcuterie and patisserie weren’t high on their lists!

Returned to the centre by about 6.50, in time for a session of journal writing in the classroom and ‘question of the day’ – we keep them busy, it’s not all ice-cream eating you know (although that would be nice!).

Dinner at 7.30, maybe some evening activity. Futuroscope tomorrow, when weather looks pretty good.


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