It’s nearly time to go!

Lots of packing is going on as everyone gets ready for the departure.

Don’t forget that we need to be ready to go on Sunday morning at 7.45. The school gates will be open at 7.25, please be there for 7.30, as it takes time to load the coach, say goodbyes etc.

Please be respectful of our neighbours at school early on a Sunday morning.

We will be travelling by coach to St. Pancras Station, Eurostar to Paris Gare du Nord, coach via the Eiffel Tower (not going up, just sight seeing) then on to Gare Montparnasse for the train journey to Poitiers. Finally we get a coach from Poitiers to St Cyr, so it’s a long day but with good lengths of time on trains to recover strength and maybe catch up on sleep.

The weather outlook for the week is looking quite warm, but experience tells us that heavy showers are possible, so lightweight waterproofs and suitable footwear will be essential. Also, as La Rochelle is on the Atlantic coast, it can be a bit breezy.

Instant updates on progress and activities will be on the school Twitter: @WPrimary

See you on Sunday!

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