The Journey

On previous visits to St. Cyr, the journey phase has been a story of cancellations, delays, struggling through the Metro with luggage and wrangling with French railway bureaucracy.

Happily, this time there are no dramas to report.

As were leaving the Gare du Nord it seemed that the coach driver was having a little difficulty engaging first gear and a few of us were wondering whether this was the moment, but he finally sorted it and we were off.

Otherwise all trains and coaches and trains were on time – it was just a very long day!

The children were, however, cheerful and well behaved throughout. The excitement about being in Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower “in the flesh” was a great thing to experience.

Here are a few pictures of the day that weren’t tweeted.

On Monday we had a very relaxed morning at Ecole du lac, followed by an afternoon in Poitiers – more on that soon.

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