Wednesday – La Rochelle

With temperatures rising, the fresher air on the coast at La Rochelle was very welcome.

La Rochelle, the capital of Charente Maritime, is a picturesque town with old battlements around the harbour as well as a very popular modern marina and, of course, many superb shops, eating venues etc.

The day started with a visit to the Aquarium, which is very, very good and well designed. The children were able to look at everything that took their interest in each section, ending in the tropical rainforest – and the gift shop, where some purchases were made.

Then on to a new attraction for us, La Grande Roue – the ferris wheel. Most children, including a few who were a bit unsure, went on the wheel and really enjoyed it, the views gave a very different perspective of the town.

Then, on to what is a high spot of the whole trip, Ernest le Glacier and the simply stunning array of ice creams. The children practiced their French more by asking for their choice. It’s fair to say that all were satisfied!

To walk off a few of the calories, we went for a walk around the battlements before calling into a gift shop and returning to the coach.

On the way back to the centre, we called into the Auchan hypermarket, where the children successfully negotiated this massive store and made some “interesting” purchases – we hope you like the gifts!

They did well with selection within their budget and paying for their purchases – all good life skills!

Thursday means Futuroscope. More on that soon.

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