Step into the future…

… as seen in 1987 when Futuroscope opened.

Originally a park emphasising “futuristic” technology and with an educational angle, Futuroscope is now a theme park where the majority of the rides are indoors in simulators. These use 3D screens, moving seats, sounds, smells, wind and more to create the sensation of being involved in the action.

Many have a technological slant. We started the day on some of the favourites (Les Lapins Cretins, La Vienne Dynamique, Arthur et les Minimoys), heading towards “Danse avec les Robots”. Many of the children also tried the new roller coaster “Objectif Mars”

As a bonus, we discovered that they were doing test runs of a new ride, “Chasseurs des Tornades”, and we were able to try this before it officially opens next month. It was an excellent ride, although they do have a few bugs to iron out: at the end the safety bars wouldn’t release so we were locked in our seats. As it was air conditioned and comfortable inside we weren’t too concerned. After a bit of frantic keyboard prodding by one of the techs, it was all sorted out.

We finished the afternoon with some cooling water rides and the a visit to the shop.

As the Ecole du lac may not be fully open on Friday due to the heat, the children said their goodbyes at the end of the afternoon in Futuroscope.

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