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Eco Eggs
Last updated 30/04/18
The 'Eco Eggs' are our team focusing on environmental issues within the school.

In the Spring Term we asked the whole school to come up with a design for an Eco-Mascot that could be awarded to classes for their environmental work.

We asked the children to be particularly mindful of litter and waste and the issue of plastic pollution in the seas.

The Eco-Eggs team were very impressed by the thought and insight which so many of the designs showed and we have taken our time to choose the most effective examples.

We asked for designs on paper or physical models, many of both of these were outstanding. In the end we recognised a range of designs, including some which we thought were imaginative, even if they didn't quite meet the requirements for the mascot.

Certificates for these were awarded in an assembly on Monday 30th April, and you can see most of the designs and the children who created them in the pictures below.

... and the winners is...:
After much deliberation, the Eco-Eggs chose Hugo's design as the winner. We enjoyed the simple, but effective design, the re-purposing of materials which might go to waste, the 'wind turbine' and use of the slogan 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.

Well done Hugo!

Initially our mascot will be awarded to the class each month who will be operating the litter picking patrols around school.

Other Eco-Eggs activities:
We have carried a new environmental review earlier this year and will be comparing the results from this with last year: what are we doing better - what can we improve.

We have also run two 'What's Under Your Feet?' days, investigating the numbers of soil invertebrates in the the grounds of the school and around, and feeding this information back to the British Trust for Ornithology. More on this HERE...

We will be running a third session of WUYF? in June, to compare the seasons. Also in June, we will be holding our second Green Day. This was very successful last year, and we are going to build on that experience by spreading the activities over the whole day, rather than just an afternoon.

See last year's Green Day HERE...