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Gardening Club
Friday 3pm - 4pm   Organisers: Mr & Mrs Woodman, Mr Birley, & Ms Feddes
Last updated 20.08.20
The children in both KS1 and KS2 Gardening Clubs were making great progress in the short number of weeks that we had before the school was closed.

Mr & Mrs Woodman and Mr Birley are visiting the garden to ensure that it's in a good state and productive when we are able to go back to school.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 13

Tuesday 18th August. A quick look around the garden to see how the crops are progressing.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 12

Thursday 16th July: Our final video before the end of term. A chance to see how the plants (and Mr Woodman's hair) have progressed since the beginning of April!

We'll be visiting the school garden and posting more videos over the summer.

Have a great break everyone and keep enjoying your gardening!

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 11

Friday 10th July saw our third and final group of Year 2 children coming to help us in the garden.

Once again, they went home with a good supply of broad beans, red fruits and lettuce.

We've really enjoyed welcoming all of our visitors from various groups. We're thinking about how we can do more gardening with more groups next year.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 10!

On Friday 3rd July we welcomed our second group of Year 2 children to our garden. Thank you to Ms Hingley who found some bunting to decorate the apple tree as a celebration of our tenth video!

This week it was time for more fruit and bean harvesting, plus we planted some new lettuces to replace the ones that we harvested last week.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 9

On Friday 26th June we welcomed the first of our Year 2 groups coming in to reconnect with the school community. They enjoyed planting pumpkins, watering, picking fruit (the best bit!) and some lettuces.

We'll have more sessions with Year 2 children on the coming Fridays.

At the beginning of the video you can see some children from the Year 1 Snowdrop group who joined us earlier in the week - also enjoying fruit and harvesting a few lettuces.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 8

This was recorded on Tuesday 16th June, but includes some pictures of part of the Daisy reception group visiting the garden with Mrs Armstrong on 10th June.

Also in this episode Key Worker children help with planting and harvesting fruit.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 7

The latest episode was recorded exactly a week on from episode 6, in rather cooler conditions. For this visit we have some extra guest helpers and a recipe!

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 6

This installment was recorded on Thursday 28th May, sorry for slight delay in posting due to some technical issues!

In this episode see how plants are progressing and we plant some sweetcorn.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 5

Now the frosty mornings seem to have passed, we have decided that we will risk putting out some of the more tender plants, like tomatoes, lettuces and runner beans.

The sunny weather in prospect, means plenty of watering will be needed!

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 4

The latest installment including the Key Workers' children doing some planting and pruning!

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 3

Mr Birley has been into school during the week and done some mowing and tidying up. He also watered the plants that we put in last Friday.

In this installment you can seed how some of the seeds that the children planted at the end of March are developing along with some seeds that we have sown since.

Virtual Gardening Club Episode 2

The wet weather through most of the week beginning 27th April made it harder to get gardening done, but we visited school on Monday to dig some ground over and then again on Friday 1st to do some planting and record another video, which you can see below.

Best wishes to all gardeners, young or old!

Here is our first Video Gardening Club

Here are some pictures taken on Wednesday 15th April.

We planted potatoes, onions and shallots. Already coming up are broad beans, peas, parsnips and leeks, planted by the children, plus in the conservatory at home we have lots of lovely seedlings of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and marigolds planted in seed trays by the children. We hope to get these into the ground soon, once we are sure the frosts are over.

The apple trees are beginning to come into blossom. Lots of insects and birds are enjoying the quiet around the plot.

We even glimpsed the newt in the pond, though he didn't stay around long enough to be photographed.

We'll keep updating you with progress - nature just keeps on wanting to grow!

The trees around the school are coming into blossom and looking beautiful!