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Paradise Planet
Last updated 02.05.19
On Wednesday 1st May we were Year 3 & 4 were invited to join children from a number of schools in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire at Rendcomb College to see a performance of 'Paradise Planet', presented by English Touring Opera Company.

The children have been learning some of the songs so that they could join in and also had their own brightly coloured fish to hold up a key moments.

The show presented the story of how the Earth came to be populated by all kinds of creatures, including ourselves, and how they all rely on each other in the food chain.

The show also told the story of how man has affected the climate and the oceans and the impact it could have not only on the sea creatures, but on people.

Although it's a serious message, the presentation was lively and had plenty of audience participation. The singing was in an operatic style, but there was also use of technology like loop pedals and pitch changers to create ocean atmospheres and unusual voices.

The pictures and video below will give you a sample, but also follow the link to the ETO website for more information.