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World Book Day 2020
For World Book Day on March 5th, the children and staff celebrated the love of books by dressing as their favourite characters.

Our featured book for the day was something a bit different and very special. It was tightly wrapped and revealed in an assembly by Mrs Hayden, but first we had to take a quiz.

Round 1: How many Pokemon characters can you identify?

Round 2: How many creatures and things from the natural world can you recognise?

You can read the full story behind "The Lost Words" by following the link the website. Artist Jackie Morris and author Robert Macfarlane worked together to produce a book that aims to celebrate words about the natural world which are slipping from modern children's vocabulary. It aims to 'conjure' them back to life with 'spells' created from poems and artwork.

Each class had a poem from the book to look at, studying in particular the literary devices used to create the impact such as alliteration, repetition, similar sounding words, similes and metaphors.

The classes then wrote their own poems and created art using the same ideas to describe other animals and plants, mostly not in the book:

  • Year 1: Ivy
  • Year 2: Pinecone
  • Year 3: Lobster
  • Year 4: Puffin
  • Year 5: Newt
  • Year 5: Various rainforest animals
Reception class created art using the outlines of some of the animals and making leaf rubbings.

There was some amazing work produced during the day, the pictures and video below is a taster, more to follow soon.