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Willow Class - Year 4
Teacher: Miss Grierson     Assistant: Mrs Pavely
Last updated 16.07.20

From Mrs Minall:
Sofia and Bella have taken their Taekwondo Black Belt technical test yesterday afternoon (outdoors in direct sunshine and 31 degree heat!) and both passed! Later in the year when lockdown rules allow them to do sparring and hitting punchbags etc they will do the physical portion of the test and receive their Black belts! Photo shows them in their current Deputy Black belts. And me in my beginner’s white belt ready to start lessons next week!!

Sofia & Bella

Aiden tells us "I went on a bike ride to master the steep hill on The Hollow and I mastered it because I’m reading the book You Are AWESOME by Mathew Syed."

We looked at a part of this book as part of our metacognition home learning to remind ourselves of why it is important to have a growth mindset.