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Willow Class - Year 4
Teacher: Miss Hughes     Assistant: Mrs Rew
Last updated 17/01/18
Our Topic for this Term is
Victorian Changes

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Trip to STEAM

On Tuesday 16th January Willow Class visited the STEAM museum.

As well as exploring the amazing displays at the museum, we were able to take part in two special workshops.

The first focussed on how the Great Western Railway built 'New Swindon' as home for its workers and how much better life was for them than many workers of the time.

We were able to look at some artefacts from the period. The use of some was obvious, some were more mysterious. Can you guess what they are? In groups we explained what we had discovered about the items. We also acted out various activities that took place at Milton Road, the railway's 'health centre'.

After lunch, in our second session, we looked at why Brunel and his Chief Engineer, Daniel Gooch, chose Swindon for the location of their works.

We role played various local figures who would be for and against the railway at a public meeting, held in Swindon on 10th September 1834. A lively debate was followed by a vote.

The meeting voted 19 to 11 in favour of the railway - phew!

We will be looking further at Brunel and his railway later in the term.