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Oak Class - Year 6
Teacher: Miss Brant   Assistants: Mrs Bermingham & Mrs Hook
Last updated 08/11/17


In our French lesson on 30th October we were playing a dressing up game, to help us learn the names of items of clothing and colours.

But this turned out to be an extra special lesson, as we were visited by Evelyne and Jean.

Evelyne is the head teacher of the school in Vielle-Aure, a village in the Pyrenees mountain area of southern France, near the border with Spain.

This was one of the schools we linked with during a Comenius Project a few years ago and we have kept up the contact.

Evelyne and Jean helped the children with their French pronunciation as they competed in 2 teams in a light hearted competition to score the maximum points for descriptive words.

As a tie-breaker at the end of the lesson, Evelyne and Jean dressed in as many items as possible in 1 minute, then described their sartorial attire!

Pizza Express
On Wednesday 11th October, Oak Class visited Pizza Express in Old Town - in the name of education obviously!

We tasted some of the ingredients used, prepared the bases then added the toppings.

The pizzas were cooked in their special ovens, which are very hot, so they were ready in no time.

We returned to school with the results of our work. Then there was nothing left to do but eat them. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!