Year 4 Recommended Books
Please find below a list of recommended books for Year Four from ‘Choosing Texts for the National Literacy Strategy.’
Michael Morpurgo
The Butterfly Lion
The Wreck of Zanzibar

Nina Bawden
Keeping Henry

Berlie Doherty
Children of Winter

Robert Swindells
Hurricane Summer
The Ice Palace

Malorie Blackman
Space Race
Puzzle Planet
Betsey Biggalow Series

Dick King-Smith
The Finger-Eater
The Sophie stories eg. Sophie’s Snail

Margaret Mahy
The Five Sisters

Jenny Nimmo
Seth and the Strangers
The Dragon’s Child

Joan Aiken
The Winter Sleepwalker

Diana Hendry
Harvey Angell
Harvey Angell and the Ghost Child
Harvey Angell Beats Time

Paul Jennings
The Gizmo Series

Jill Murphy
The Worst Witch Series

Graham Oakley
The Church Mouse Series

Ted Hughes
The Iron Man
The Iron Woman

Anne Fine
Bill’s New Frock

Betsy Byars
The Midnight Fox
The Computer Nut
The Seven Treasure Hunts
The TV Kid

Philippa Pearce
The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
A Dog So Small
Mrs Cockle’s Cat
The Rope and Other Stories

Russell Hoban
Dinner at Alberta’s
The Mouse and His Child
The Sea-Thing Child

Joan Aiken
Fog Hounds, Wind Cat, Sea Mice

Gillian Avery
Mouldy’s Orphan

Henrietta Branford
Dimanche Diller

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Roald Dahl
James & the Giant Peach

Berlie Doherty
Street Child

Anne Fine
The Diary of a Killer Cat
Bill’s New Frock

Leon Garfield
Fair’s Fair

Jamila Gavin
Grandpa Chatterji

Nigel Gray/ Philippe Dupasquier
A Country Far Away

Mary Hoffman
Grace & Family

Elizabeth Laird
Secret Friends

CS Lewis
The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (and series)

Paddy Mounter
Attila the Hen

Doris Buchanan-Smith
A Taste of Blackberries

Jill Paton Walsh
Thomas & the Tinners

Jeanne Willis/Tony Ross
Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets (& rest of Dr Xargle series)

Libby Hathorn
Way Home