Year 5 Recommended Books
Please find below a list of recommended books for Year Five from ‘Choosing Texts for the National Literacy Strategy.’
Joan Aiken
A Handful of Gold
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
The Last Slice of Rainbow
The Winter Sleepwalker
A Small Pinch of Weather

Betsy Byars
The Cartoonist
The Computer Nut
The Midnight Fox
The Seven Treasure Hunts
Trouble River

Helen Cresswell
The Bongleweed
The Little Grey Donkey
The Little Sea Horse
The Piemakers

Gillian Cross
The Demon Headmaster
The Iron Way
Pictures in the Dark

Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Green Children
The Old Stories
The Seeing Stone

Russell Hoban
Dinner at Alberta’s
The Mouse and his Child
The Sea-thing Child
Trouble on Thunder Mountain

Elizabeth Laird
Secret Friends
Kiss the Dust
The Listener
Hiding Out

Colin McNaughton
Football Crazy
Making Friends with Frankenstein
There’s an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighbourhood
Wish You Were Here ( and I Wasn’t)
Who’s That Banging on the Ceiling?

Jan Mark
The Dead Letter Box
Lady Long-legs
The Midas Touch
The Snow Maze
Nothing to be afraid of

Philippa Pearce
The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
A Dog so Small
Mrs Cockle’s Cat
Tom’s Midnight Garden
The Way to Sattin Shore

Philip Pullman
Northern Lights
The New Cut Gang
I Was a Rat!…..or the Scarlet Slippers

Michael Morpurgo
Friend or Foe
Farm Boy
The Wreck of Zanzibar
When the Whales Came
Ghostly Haunts

Roald Dahl
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
James and The Giant Peach

Michael Foreman
War Boy
After the War Was Over

Alan Garner
The Stone Book Quartet
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
The Moon of Gomrath