Sunday’s Journey

Yes it was a bleary, early morning start, but we were at St Pancras by 8.45 and checked and ready to board the train by about 9.20.

As last year, our journey was accompanied by many small Disney characters because the train was continuing direct to Disneyland, but we resisted the temptation and got off at Lille for pic-nic lunch and then to the TGV heading ultimately to Bordeaux.

The journey throughout was good and the children, likewise (maybe the two things are connected?), even SNCF didn’t manage to throw in a curve ball this year, just 5 minutes late at Poitiers.

Many of our friends were at the centre to make us welcome, and after a quick talk from Mr Drury it was in for a meal.

The children entered the dining hall to applause from a group of French adults from a walking club, who are staying here tonight (I hope it doesn’t go to their heads) but the centre is going to be pretty quiet for the rest of the week, which will give us a bit more flexibility.

An early start is in prospect for La Rochelle tomorrow, but I can already hear the call of ‘deux boules de glace’ at Ernest Le Glacier.

Here’s a few pictures from today that didn’t make it onto Twitter.


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