Monday in La Rochelle

This was our third visit to La Rochelle and it never disappoints.

The sun was out all day, with a light breeze. Although it was a Bank Holiday in France, it wasn’t too busy, with just bit of delay on the road on our return.

The Aquarium was recommendable as ever (and the tourist office didn’t pay us to say that). After a good look round we moved to a grassy area near to the entrance to the fortified port for lunch.

Then round the harbour to Ernest le Glacier, where the children ordered their ice-creams – more pictures to follow.

A quick stroll round the battlements to walk  off about 5% of the calories, then a visit to a shop for post cards and little treats. Finally we had a short walk around the back streets of this historic town, which is all pedestrianised, before returning to the coach and the centre.

Back at base there was time for a bit of a chill before dinner, then journal writing before getting ready for bed and room inspection.

You will hear more of this from the children I’m sure, but suffice to say, owing the the innovative and idiosyncratic way that the points are awarded, positions can vary across the week.

On Monday night the children had answer previously posed questions about the journey down and impress the judges with both tidiness and entertaining topic touches.

The video below will give you a flavour, but should not be regarded as definitive in any way!

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