Tuesday – a game of two halves – and then another bit

We expected that Tuesday would be split down the middle, with a visit to Ecole du lac in the morning and to Poitiers in the afternoon, but the weather also played a part.

We woke to heavy rain, which had eased a little as we walked to the school, but those rain macs WERE needed.

The welcome was as warm as ever from the school, with a selection of croissants, pain au raisin, pain au chocolat and chausson.

The Locals were friendly!

The children re-made acquaintances with their pen pals, then there was a 3 minute session of coherence cardiaque to relax and focus ourselves. After that we split into 2 groups, one to explore the school, the other to learn some songs together. Then the roles were reversed.

We returned to the centre for lunch, expecting the worst for the weather in the afternoon as the forecast was not encouraging. However, as we arrived in Poitiers it brightened up and stayed good for the rest of the afternoon.

We navigated our way to the famous macaron and chocolate shop, where purchases were made by some children. Then on to the square in front of the Hotel de Ville (town hall).

There we installed ourselves in seats outside a cafe and ordered various soft drinks from a range of flavours – the short list was, fraise, menthe, peche and citron. The children asked for their drinks in French.

On our return we paid a visit to a fine medieval church, Notre-Dame La Grande, before boarding the coach for the third half of our day, the visit to the Auchan hypermarket.

Here the children were allowed to buy what they liked, with certain caveats. It was a useful lesson in budgeting for some and required some patience from the checkout staff, but everyone got through unscathed. You may even see some of the purchases when they get home!

This evening, dinner was a very nice pasta meal, with omelette as an alternative where appropriate.

All in all, a long and demanding day, so they are having a bit of down time and me time this evening.

We’re at Futuroscope tomorrow, but it’s a slightly later start than today. Weather forecast for tomorrow a mixed, but we’re indoors a lot of the time and based on today’s experience we might get lucky!


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