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French Breakfast
Last updated 23/02/18
As part of the fundraising for Year 6’s trip to France in June, we hosted a French breakfast for school children and their families to enjoy.

The event was incredibly popular, so apologies if you had a bit of a wait to be seated.

As well as the delicious breakfasts, there were games to play and a raffle.

Congratulations to the Year 6 serving team and a massive thank you to all the staff who helped to make the event a success, particularly, of course, to Mrs Hook who put so much work into the planning.

A quote from Mrs Hook: "I knew we would be busy but I did not anticipate such a whirlwind from start to finish. It truly was great and such a relief to see everyone pulling out the stops to make sure the breakfast ran as smoothly as possible. We served two hundred people breakfast and cleared away in ninety minutes. Now that's an achievement. I took the lead in planning the event but each one of us, together with Year 6, played a significant part in making today the success it was. "

UPDATE: The event raised £358! Thank you!

Just before break Mrs Evans and Mrs Ridler helped us draw the winners of the Department Map competition and the Raffle.

The map jig-saw piece chosen was 64 (Pyrénées Atlantique) and the winner was Oscar Bond.

The Raffle prizes drawn were 1st: the Perry family, 2nd: the Simmonds family, 3rd: the Grace family. Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

In preparation, the children designed their own menus. They have also written scripts for 'role-plays'.