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Science Week
For Science Week 2021 classes were given three themes to choose from.

You can find out more about each below.
Acorn Class

Acorn Class investigated, experimented with and tested bridges.

Space Tourists

There are 10 videos related to this HERE>>>

Introduction video.

Maple Class

We made two parachutes using paper and plastic and tested them from the same height. We timed how long each one took to land.

The best parachute was the one which took the longest to reach the ground.

On Friday we had to Design a Place for Space Tourists to Stay.

We had to decide how we would measure success, build and test a prototype and finally review our design.

Kitchen Chemistry Lab

There are 5 videos related to this HERE>>>

Introduction video.

Pinecone Class

We did some kitchen chemistry! We wanted to find out if ketchup can clean a penny! We tested the pennies in different liquids to see which would clean them!

We predicted the water and soap would clean the best but actually the best was vinegar and ketchup. We learnt that this is because they are acidic.

Not So Fantastic Plastic

There are 5 videos related to this HERE>>>

Introduction video.

Pinecone Class

As part of 'Not so fantastic plastic', Year 2 created some plates out of old newspaper!

We decided that although they are a great was to reuse paper, they do not work very well as a plate and you wouldn't be able to clean them after using them!

Also as part of 'Not so fantastic plastic', we created spoons by mixing cornflour, oil and water together, heating it up and then moulding it into a new shape! It was tricky to mould it into a good spoon shape and a lot of the bits kept breaking!

We decided that unfortunately this would not be the best alternative to plastic.

Our final investigation! We tried to make jelly cups! Unfortunately we were not successful this time but we did talk about why it didn't work and decided we needed to use different containers.

The plastic stuck to the jelly and made it nearly impossible to get out!

Elm Class

Oak Class

Making paper bowls and also biodegradable spoons.