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Pinecone Class - Year 2
Teacher: Miss Corbyn     Assistant: Mrs Allnutt
Last updated 26.11.20
Our Topic for this Term is
Amazing Africa

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Handa's Surprise
We have been looking at the story of Handa's Surprise.

In the story Handa takes 7 fruits to her friends village but they are stolen by different animals along the way. We wanted to describe the fruits using exciting adjectives. We were able to describe the size, shape, colour, texture, taste and smell by trying them! We all tried a banana, mango, orange and pineapple!

Our science unit this term is on animals including humans and this week we were looking at growth.

We investigated whether children with bigger hands would be able to grab more cubes. First we measured our hand spans accurately using a ruler and then we decided how to ensure that we all grabbed the same to make sure it was a fair test.

After that, we grabbed cubes using one hand and then made those cubes into a tower.

Finally, we compared the size of the towers with the hand span sizes. Our results showed that children with bigger hands did grab more cubes and we thought this could be because they have longer fingers, a bigger area to hold the cubes and bigger palms.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-bullying week. We talked about what bullying is and what we would do if we saw someone being unkind. We then thought about what makes a good friend and decided that if everyone was a good friend to all there would be no bullying in the world!

We created these 'What makes a good friend?' hands and on each of the fingers wrote a quality of a good friend. They are in display in our window for everyone to see!

Remembrance Silhouettes