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Elm Class - Year 5
Teacher: Mrs Hayden   Assistants: Mrs Pavely & Mrs Winslow
Last updated 22.09.20
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Road Trip USA
USA Flag Map

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Animal Collage:

We started by having a single blank piece of paper, which we scribbled over in time to music and our own emotions. We reflected on lockdown and how we felt at that moment or on how the instrumental music made us feel and aimed to completely cover our work.

The next day, the class looked horrified when they were instructed to TEAR UP their artwork. We spoke about how sometimes we are plodding along in life and things just happen that we cannot control and they make us feel like we are a bit torn, or like life can't be the same anymore. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean we cannot make something wonderful with our lives still and cannot still be awesome. We used our torn pieces to make a collage and even swapped bits with our partners to show how friends can support us in tough times too. We used this to reflect on the current pandemic.

THEN the real fun began. We got out the oil pastels (a real hit with Year 5) and carefully replicated the eyes of either a dog, a cat or a bird of prey. The class were really careful to blend the pastels to look more lifelike! We then used poster paints and explored tone to create a nose or beak. Finally, we added our eyes and nose / beak to our collage and added on poster paint details to really bring it to life.

The class were blown away not only by their OWN work but by their peers which was really brilliant to see. The day we finished the collages, compliments were being thrown all over the class and there were lots of intakes of breaths and 'wow' as we held the work a few metres away for each child to see how awesome their work looked!