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Birthday Girl

Mrs Evans, the school governor who takes a special interest in foreign languages, has been a great asset to us on this trip. She celebrated her 70th birthday today. Happy Birthday Judith and best wishes for many more to come!

I’d like to be, under the sea…

It was very hot (31 degrees) in St Cyr today, so a trip to the coast turned out to be a great plan. The La Rochelle Aquarium was excellent, children and adults found it fascinating. Pictures below. After our pic-nic lunch we tried out some French ordering ice-creams from an astonishing ice-cream shop. The most […]

Tuesday’s Activities

We have a new logo!Here is the design, chosen by all the children in a democratic vote. More on this later. We like to have a quiet relaxing time here at St Cyr… So today after breakfast we walked to school where we split into 4 groups to do a rotation of activities: working in […]

Monday Evening

Hello and welcome to ‘the story so far’. Sunday was pretty uneventful (oh how we wish we could have said that on the last couple of year’s trips). Trains were on time, except the last leg slightly was delayed by speed restrictions, caused by the effects of high temperatures. But we were only 20 minutes […]

It’s nearly time to go!

The weather forecast in Poitiers looks very good for next week, so bring plenty of sun lotion, sun hats etc! Our revised schedule for Wednesday looks good… …that’s all you’re getting for now! See you Sunday morning!