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School Meals Menus
Catering Manager: Mrs Sharon Holcombe    Catering Assistant: Jen Beare
Last updated 03.02.23

This is Week 3 Order meals for Week 1 by Thursday 16th Feb

Download Term 3 & 4 menu

Ordering & payment for meals is made through Parent Pay. Use the button to go to the log-in page.

The cut off for ordering meals/changing meal choices is midnight on the Thursday of the week before the meal is required. This is a deadline set by ParentPay and the office has no flexibility to add late orders or make changes, therefore if a lunch hasn't been ordered your child will require a packed lunch. Likewise, if you have ordered a meal and your child arrives at school with a packed lunch the meal will still be charged for.

Meals are £2.60 per day or £13 for a week.

ALL children in KS1 are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals.

All menu items include a Food Standards Agency allergen code where appropriate (in brackets).
More details about these categories can be found on our Allergens Information Page.

The menus operate on a three week cycle. The week number is posted on the Home Page.

Lunch menus may be changed to accommodate special days. This will be notified in advance.

As food is freshly cooked each day, menus may vary depending on availability of ingredients.

Grab and Go (available every day) contains:
Ham, tuna or cheese sandwich.
Vegetable crisps
Jelly Pot (2,4,5,7,9,14)
Always available:
Yoghurts (7)
Fresh Bread (2,13)

Term 3 and 4

Week 1
w/c 20th Feb, 13th March
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Pasta and meatballs (2.13) Crusty wholemeal bread (2) mixed Salad

Chicken Katsu curry (2.7) A blend of brown and white rice naan bread (2) Crunchy carrot sticks

Toad in the hole ( carrots, cabbage, gravy (2.13) stuffing ball (2)

Roast potatoes

Smoked Mackerel wrap (5.7) with Salad. Potato wedges and sweetcorn.

Fish Fingers ( Chips and peas

Tomato and Basil pasta (2)
Wholemeal crusty bread (2) Mixed salad

Jacket potato with a choice of Baked beans, cheese (7) or Tuna (4.5.9)

Veggie toad in the hole (2.4.7) carrots, cabbage, gravy (2.13) Roast potatoes

Stuffing ball (2)

Margherita pizza (2.7) with Salad Potato wedges and Sweetcorn

Quorn dippers (2.7) Chips and peas

Apple crumble (2.7) custard (7)

Fruit salad or strawberry jelly

Vanilla ice cream (7)

Banana Angel delight (7)

Shortbread (2.7) Orange wedge

Week 2
w/c 27th Feb, 20th March
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Baked Sausages (2.13) Creamed Potato (7) Broccoli and Gravy (2.13)

Chilli beef Jacket Potato (2.13) Salad and Coleslaw (4.9)

Roast Gammon, Roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding (2.4.7) Carrots and Peas Gravy (2.13)

Chicken Korma with spinach (2.7) a blend of 50/50 rice. Crunchy carrot sticks

Fish Cakes ( Chips and Baked Beans

Cheese and Onion pie (2.4.7) Creamed Potato (7) Broccoli and Gravy (2.13)

Pasta Bake with roasted Vegetables (2.7) Salad and Garlic Bread (2.7)

Quorn roast, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings (2.4.7) carrots and peas, gravy (2.13)

Veggie nuggets (2.9) Spaghetti hoops (2) Potato wedges

Veggie sausage (2.13) chips and baked beans

Banana Cake (2.4.7)

Rice pudding with peaches (7)

Chocolate ice cream (7)

Fruit cocktail or Cheese and biscuits (2.7)

Marble Sponge (2.4.7)

Week 3
w/c 6th Feb, 6th March, 27th March
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Cheese and ham Pizza (2.7) Hash browns and Salad

Beef Bolognese pasta (2.13) Green beans Garlic Bread (2.7)

Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, carrots and cauliflower, Yorkshire pudding (2.4.7) gravy (2.13)

Spaghetti with mini sausages (2.13) Mixed Salad Garlic Bread (2.7)

Chicken burger in a bun (2) with chips and baked beans

Sweet and sour vegetables with egg noodles (2.4) Hash Brown Sweet corn

Cheese and Tomato Pasta (2.7) Green beans Garlic bread (2.7)

Lentil and sweet potato curry (2.7) blend of 50/50 rice carrots and cauliflower

Jacket potato with beans, cheese (7) or tuna mayonnaise (4.5.9) crunchy carrot sticks

Vegetable burger (2) in a bun (2) chips and baked beans

Pineapple upside down pudding (2.4.7) and custard (7)

Chocolate and Banana mousse (7)

Strawberry ice cream (7)

Mandarins in jelly

Apple Flapjacks (2.7)

School Meal Arrangements

School Meals
These are freshly cooked on the premises by our talented team.

Menus are available in print from the rack outside the school office and from this website.

Occasionally menus will vary to fit the theme of a 'Special Day'. This will be notified in advance.

Please let us know if your child has any special dietary needs and we will do our best to help.

Packed Lunches
Children having a Packed Lunch should bring it in a suitable sandwich box, which must be named. These should include a carton or unbreakable flask of cold drink. Fizzy drinks and hot thermoses are not permitted.

There are a number of Mid-day Supervisory Assistants who care for the children at lunchtime, both in the playground and in the hall. They are available to help your child with any questions or difficulties they may have.

We do have a Dining Room Code of Conduct and any child who behaves inappropriately will firstly have to eat their lunch separately from the other children. If their behaviour persists they will not be allowed to continue to stay to school dinners.

Free School Dinners
If you are receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance, your child is entitled to Free School Meals. Application forms and further information are available from the School Office. Even if your child is in KS1, please apply for Free School Meals if you meet the entitlement criteria, as the school receives additional Pupil Premium funding for all children entitled to free school meals

ALL children in KS1 are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals.

Children should bring a mid-morning snack, which should preferably be of the 'healthy' kind.