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Phonics Presentation
Last updated 13.05.24

Phonic Sounds Demonstrations

At Wanborough Primary School, the teaching of phonics begins in Reception using Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, a validated phonics scheme, and teaching continues daily to at least the point where children can read almost all words fluently.

We follow a systematic approach where each grapheme is introduced clearly; a focus is placed on blending to read and segmenting to spell. This focus provides children with the skills they need to begin to read words, captions and whole sentences as soon as possible. Children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. Children can then start to read words by blending (synthesising) the sounds together to make a word.

Reading scheme books are fully decodable and are closely matched with our Phonics scheme. Children have access to a wide range of books for their own reading pleasure in our class book corners and the school Library. They are encouraged to select books which will interest and challenge them.

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