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Music at Wanborough
Last updated 23/02/18
Music Roadshow:
On Tuesday 25th April, we were visited by a Music Roadshow featuring string instruments.

The musician performed on violin, viola and cello in a variety of styles, from 16th century, through traditional folk tunes, to tunes from movies.

The children enjoyed the different sounds that the instruments could produce, and clapping along to the livelier pieces.

The school choir joined other Swindon school choirs for an evening of singing songs from "Small and silver screen".

They have worked hard over the last few weeks towards the performance and did the school proud with their singing and dance moves. The evening was a big success and a good time was had by all.

Many thanks for their continued hard work and dedication.

Music is an important part of school life at Wanborough Primary School.

All classes have time tabled music lessons, singing is regularly practised in assembly and in preparation for special events such as Harvest Festival and Christmas.

We have a choir who appear at public events and our Year 5s have regular drumming sessions, which have also given them a chance for public performance.

Classes also incorporate music into their class assemblies and our annual 'Eurobeat' Song Contest links music to our languages teaching.

We offer music lessons in school provided by teachers from the Swindon Music Co-Op, who also run a range of lessons in school clubs